Continuing the “Texas Miracle”

Accelerate Corporate HQ Relocation Momentum

Job Growth Initiatives with Accountability

Innovation in Infrastructure for Electricity and Water

Maintain Cost of Living Advantage


Taxes and Government Spending Agenda

Strongly Oppose a State Income Tax

Continue and Expand Recent Franchise Tax Reform

Cut Wasteful Government Spending

Innovate to Run Government Efficiently like a Business

Low and Fair Property Taxes


Education Policies

Improve Education through more local control

Spend more money on teachers and classrooms and less on educrats

Reform our school finance system

Restore discipline to the classroom

Innovate to engage parents in all levels of education


Border Security and Safer Streets

Keep illegal immigration a priority past election day

Limit early paroles and take other actions for safer streets

Improve prison capacity and effective management

Support proven programs that reduce recidivism

Rose Cannaday received a Special Recognition award from then

Governer Bush for her work with police families